Logo for: Windsor Adult Education


Windsor Adult Education believes that education is a lifelong process.

Our Mission Is To:

  • Provide educational programs that will meet the needs and interests of the adult residents of Windsor
  • Create awareness of the programs and encourage participation
  • Meet the needs of and cooperate with local groups, agencies, businesses, and industries
  • Provide flexible program scheduling, responsive to community and individual needs
  • Use school facilities to their full potential

Windsor Adult Education consists of state-mandated and enrichment programs.

Mandated educational services are provided to adult residents 17 years of age or older. Our mandated courses include high school completion, adult basic literacy, English language, and American citizenship instruction. These courses are offered during the day at the Board of Education and in the evening at Windsor High School. Mandated programs are free of charge to Windsor residents, non-residents $10/semester.

The program also offers a multitude of enrichment courses including: arts and crafts, computers and business, dance and music, health and fitness, home and garden, languages, money management, personal growth and recreation. Enrichment courses are tuition-based and self-sustaining.